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Private Customers

Together we put your individual living dreams into action.

We give you professional and detailed advice, bring along wallpaper catalogues and carpet patterns and inform you about colour concepts, painting techniques and individual problem solutions. Our qualified team accomplishes your project reliable and friendly and works as gently and clean as possible. If you want us to, we are happy to lay new carpet in your rooms as well.

If requested we do all necessary removals and rearranging of your furniture. We are also happy to water your plants while you’re away.

Check out some of our projects:


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Painting and Paperhanging

Glass fabrics, pattern wallpapers or ingrain wallpapers? To give you an impression of your new wall, we take in our wallpaper catalogues.


Synthetic resin varnish, alkyd resin varnish, radiator enamel, window enamel, two-component enamel, valve enamel or waterthinable acrylic or alkyd resin lacquer?

There are many kinds of varnishes. They distinguish in their coating composition which depends on what component they are supposed to cover and on the strain. We are your specialist contact for the entire range of varnishes.


Creative Painting techniques

Dispersion paint, Latex paint, limewater colour, silicate colour - which one is the right for your rooms?

We give you a conscientious advice on which colours meet your demands and needs the best.

We are good with scumble technique, wipe technique, lime-spackle-technique, liquid wallpaper and many more.

Our exemplary wallpapers show you vividly how to attain different effects. We are happy to advise you until you are confident to make the right choice.

Decorative profiles and rosettes

Dainty but sturdy panels, decorative profiles and rosettes are precious interior decorations that create a classical atmosphere. We are happy to develop individual design ideas with you for your rooms.


Ecological Colours

Whether little pirate or little princess - children need safety. They react a lot more sensitive than adults when it comes to pollutants like those that are contained in conventional varnish and wall paint. That is why we exclusively use low-pollution Brillux products. Millwork, for instance, can easily be coated by lacryl-varnishes which are waterthinnable, low-pollution and hence environmentally certified. We also use harmless colours for walls and ceilings - for example we use ELF-inside-dispersions that are low-emission and free from solvents and plasticisers.