Colour Theory

Colours can feel cold and warm, show feelings, appear soothing or motivating and even influence health. Unsurprisingly, most people prefer certain colours. But how can they be combined stylishly? The small colour theory is a helpful tool that even we go back to. They limit the seemingly endless colour combinations and hence function as an important orientation aid. Colours that are having an opposite position on the circle can be combined quite effectively. What is special is the strong colour contrast, also called complementary contrast, that fascinates those people that are happy to try out new things.

Those colours that are separated on the circle by only one other colour appear very harmonic. The most commonly used dyad is yellow and orange – closely followed by green and blue. If you rather prefer classical things, you should go with the tone on tone concept. One colour , that is being used a couple of times but brightened step by step, creates a timeless style.